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Borrow Liquid RETRO Tokens against your Locked veRETRO NFT
Lend RETRO tokens to earn voting rewards without locking.

Pledge your veRETRO

Leverage your ordinary veRETRO NFT with the power of XveRETRO Collateral to amplify your returns!

Rewards APY : 0.00%
Total Corpus : $0.00

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0 veRETRO NFTs available

Redeem XveRETRO

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For RETRO Borrowers

Take out an interest-free liquid RETRO Loan against your locked veRETRO NFT without selling and while still earning from your veNFT!

Borrowable : $0.00
Current Margin : 0%
Total Loans : $0.00

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0 RETRO maximum

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Health : You are Debt-Free
0 RETRO borrowed
0 XveRETRO collateral

For RETRO Lenders

Earn passive income without locking your RETRO with yield from veNFTs of others!

Lending APY : 0.00%
Total Deposits : $0.00

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Withdraw RETRO

0 XRETRO available

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